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Nikkaji No. J378.713C
Information Structure Information is Available
MF C23H31NO7
MW 433.501
CAS No. 128794-94-5
Legal No. 8-(7)-1717
Names Mycophenolate mofetil
(E)-4-Methyl-6-[(1,3-dihydro-4-hydroxy-6-methoxy-7-methyl-3-oxoisobenzofuran)-5-yl]-4-hexenoic acid 2-morpholinoethyl ester
Mofetil mycophenolate
(E)-6-[(1,3-Dihydro-4-hydroxy-6-methoxy-7-methyl-3-oxoisobenzofuran)-5-yl]-4-methyl-4-hexenoic acid 2-morpholinoethyl ester
(E)-6-(4-Hydroxy-6-methoxy-7-methyl-3-oxo-1,3-dihydroisobenzofuran-5-yl)-4-methyl-4-hexenoic acid 2-morpholinoethyl ester
Component -
Use For antineoplastic antibiotics  immunosuppressant  nucleic acid metabolic drug
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